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4T Silkolene Pro 4 Plus (5W-40) 4 Liter Jug

Awesome in a bottle !!!

5W40 Plus


In stock

In stock

Product Description

4T Silkolene Pro 4 Plus

The ultimate full synthetic ester 4-stroke high performance racing engine oil

Utilizes Electrosyntec technology derived from aircraft turbojet engine lubrication

Developed and tested with Factory race teams in Moto GP, Superbike, Supersport, Supermoto, Off-Road and Motocross competition

High Viscosity Index, exceptional shear strength and outstanding thermal stability give excellent continous stay-in-grade performance

Outstanding anti-wear, anti-friction and load-carrying properties

Meets or exceeds API-SG, SH and SJ standards

Motorcycle 4T JASO-MA2 certified

SAE 5W-40

**Price per item is for 4 Liter Jug.**

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